CMi works with five distinct groups:

Over 100
CEOs or CEO succession candidates


One of the Board’s most important responsibilities is to ensure the company has the best possible succession bench.


Our mentors are Chairs who have overseen numerous CEO succession processes and are acutely aware of what the Board, investors and the market require in a successful CEO. As many of CMi’s Chairs have been CEOs, they also understand the immense operational and personal pressure a candidate is under.


CMi provides mentoring by very seasoned Chairs who are themselves former CEOs and have successfully led large organisations. The mentor enables the CEO to test ideas with a highly experienced and impartial confidant, providing a fresh perspective and valuable second opinion.


Chief Financial Officers play a crucial role in the boardroom and the success of the company. CFOs require a sophisticated set of cognitive, behavioural and relationship skills unlike in any other role.


Our mentors have experience and a deep understanding of what becoming a successful Chair involves. Shaping the Board, engendering trust and teamwork, whilst remaining ruthlessly objective and coping with the unexpected, are just some of the skills they have learned to master.


Our bespoke Senior Executives mentoring programme is for those senior executives who must be retained, nurtured and are considered worthy of significant investment.

"They say that history repeats, but throughout your career you are often faced with ‘firsts’. Having two very experienced mentors has been invaluable for me when navigating unknown terrain from significant unplanned management changes while undergoing a CEO selection process, and starting up as a CEO. The mentoring process has provided me with important perspectives and above all an inner calmness and clarity to do what I think is right."

Jakob Stausholm, CEO, Rio Tinto

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